Confluence Competition

CoCo 2018


Dec 26, 2016: 1st CFP is announced.
Dec 26, 2017: This page is created.


This site lists relevant information for the 7th Confluence Competition (CoCo 2018). The competition will run live during the 3rd International Conference on Formal Structures for Computation and Deduction (FSCD 2018), or the 7th International Workshop on Confluence (IWC 2018) in Oxford, United Kingdom. We invite everyone developing confluence (and related) tools to join CoCo 2018, to share problems and challenges.


The following categories will be run:

For the details (input, problem, etc.) of each category, check the category page. The CPF and UN categories are combined categories, and all of their component categories will be run.


request for competition categoriesJanuary 28, 2018
request for demonstration categoriesApril 29, 2018
tool registrationJune 14, 2018
tool submissionJune 24, 2018
problem submissionJune 28, 2018
competitionTBA (the week of July 7-12), 2018


Submissions of new problems are welcome. Submissions are via Cops. Problems submitted after the problem submission deadline will not be considered for the competition.

Execution Platform

CoCo 2018 will run on StarExec, a high-end cross-community competition platform. Details of the specification are available here. For each problem a tool will have 60 seconds access to a single node.

Request for Categories

We solicit new categories for the competition (competition categories) as well as demonstration categories. See here to send your request.


Tools must be able to run on the designated execution platform. It is encouraged that tools are open source and that binaries of the competition versions of the tools can be archived on the competition website; they shall be used in our web interface in future.


Tool registration will be via EasyChair. Every tool registration should also contain a one page system description. Tool submission will be via StarExec.

Organising Committee